Julia B. Laperrière


Falla is an auto-biographical solo that mixes storytelling, humour, dance, performance and audience participation. The piece evolves around the story of the first time I wore a penis (dildo) and ask questions such as : How does it feel to have a penis? How does it affect one’s way of moving, way of being? What power inherits the one who bears it? How does sexual attraction operate in regards to gender? Can the representation of female sexuality on stage be empowering rather than objectifying? This piece embodies the slogan the personal is political and explores how personal experience can be relevant to art making, and if sharing can be profitable to a greater audience. This work aims to present on stage a female sexuality that is alternative, liberated and unashamed, in a way that is accessible, allowing the tone to navigate between humoristic, sincere and critical.

              '" Myfather always warned me about men and booze...but he never mentioned  a word                                about women and cocaine''                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Tallulah Bankhead

    FALLA is also the first piece of the The Dangerous Women Series, a serie that draws from my ongoing research on the theme of femininity, gender stereotypes and identity. It builds from my previous solo, Uncovered Woman, and the works approach the topic from different angles, from a more auto-biographical and humourous point of view to a more political and critical stand.

     photos : Micaela Kühn

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