Julia B. Laperrière

Dangereuses / Die Gefärliche(n) 

Led by Julia B. Laperrière, Dangereuses will be a dance piece of four to six performers which will premiere at the end of November 2023 in Berlin. Asking the question “what bodies are are necessary for the present times”, it will take an interest in the intersection of the warrior body with the sensual and sensitive body. Seeing softness, vulnerability, strength and brutality not as opposites, but rather interested in where they meet and how it happens. It will take inspiration from Elsa Dorlin’s writings on violence, and call in Lorde’s uses of the erotics and maree brown’s pleasure activism as methodology, using them as guiding principles to lead the work within the group and with collaborators. It will be an energetic, sensual and risk taking dance piece, using rope and glass as materials and as part of the stage design. It will be a coproduction between France and Germany, in terms of structures, financing and collaborators, aiming to contribute to the circulation of emergence between both countries.

Lisanne Goodhue and Pauline Stohr,

Dangereuses, residency in CCN d'Orléans

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